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  Microtek Launches ArtixScan 4000tf

Microtek Launches ArtixScan 4000tf

New high-resolution scanner with exceptional technologies sets new standards in professional imaging

Rotterdam – Microtek, a pioneer in scanning technologies and a leader in graphic imaging solutions announces the launch of its latest film scanner, the ArtixScan 4000tf, the highest-resolution professional film scanner to hit the market.The ArtixScan 4000tf follows on the heels of the successful ArtixScan 4000t. This upgraded model incorporates built-in FireWire and USB interfaces for fast data transfer and ease of use.

With its 42-bit colour depth, the ArtixScan 4000tf can capture infinitely rich detail from 35mm slides, filmstrips, and Advanced Photo System (APS) film, allowing scans to be printed to pre-press standard at over A3 sizes. The scanner also features an optical range of 4.2 Dmax for delivering superb shadow and highlight details, as well as true optical resolution of 4000 dpi for razor-sharp images without sacrificing detail.

"The ArtixScan 4000tf is designed for users requiring a high-resolution scanner. Customers will be impressed by the ArtixScan 4000tf´s high resolution, sharpening, focus, and colour management features at such a competitive price." Commented Peter Stengel. Sales and Marketing Director."The ArtixScan 4000tf features some exceptional technologies for achieving superior images, including Auto Focus System, Motion Correction Control, and Multiple Sampling."

Features and Benefits:

  • The Auto Focus System ( patent pending) adjusts the scanner carriage and APS film holder (instead of the lens position) to automatically achieve the most accurate focus. This robust design keeps the optical mechanical assembly system precisely calibrated at all times, enhancing the scanner´s reliability and ease of maintenance, as well as minimizing scan times.
  • Motion Correction Control ( patent pending), was developed by Microtek to address problems with scanner motor deviation arising over the course of the scanner´s life. The scanning module, located at the scanner carriage position and driven by a stepping motor and other guiding mechanics, is subject to deviations for any number of reasons, causing certain tolerances tobuild up. As deviations and tolerances accumulate the scanning module gets increasingly "off" in its position, which if left uncorrected negatively impacts the quality of subsequent scanned images. Through Motion Correction Control, the scanning module is moved accurately to a precise position on a well-calibrated stepping control table, compensating for any misalignments that may occur. The scanning module can thus move smoothly and precisely during the scanning process, registering mechanical steps with ultra-fine precision for superior, accurate scans.
  • With Multiple Sampling, the ArtixScan 4000tf is able to reduce the random image noise that adversely affects the quality of scanned images. With this technology, each scanned line is sampled multiple times (the frequency determined by users in 2, 4, or 8 options) to optimize signals, with the samples then averaged out to distill top-quality data. Multiple sampling effectively minimizes signal fluctuation and artifacts, resulting in a purer image output and enhanced optical density range.
  • ArtixScan 4000tf provides a fast and easy way to handle film. A 6-frame filmstrip holder and a 4-frame 35mm slide holder are included in every standard package, and an APS film holder is available as an optional accessory. The ArtixScan 4000tf can detect the type of medium being scanned to increase your scanning productivity and shorten your scan times.

Powerful Scanning Software Package adds outstanding value. Included in every ArtixScan 4000tf package are Microtek´s ScanWizard Pro™ TX 6 scanning software and the Microtek Scanner ICC Profiler software.

Microtek´s ScanWizard Pro TX 6 is an advanced scanner controller program that provides many powerful and professional-level features for film and slide scanning. ScanWizard Pro TX 6 uses the LCH colour model, which is a more intuitive way of working with colours according to visual perception and based on the values of Lightness (the "L" in LCH), Chroma (C), and Hue (H). The software also includes the Selective Colour Tool, which is used to perform colour correction to a specific colour range without altering the other colours in an image; and the Filter Tool, which applies special effects such as Blur or Unsharp Masking to your images.

With the Microtek Scanner ICC Profiler, users will be able to precisely calibrate the scanner using Kodak, Agfa, or Fuji´s IT8 targets. The software also generates ICC profiles based on the individual colour "signature" or characteristics of each scanner, so that colours can be reproduced consistently and predictably for optimal results.

About Microtek:

Microtek, one of the World’s largest manufacturers of Desktop scanners for PC and Macintosh platforms was founded in 1980 in Taiwan and has always offered high quality products combined with a ‘solution-out-of-the-box’. Microtek offers probably the widest range of flatbed and film scanners that address the needs of most end users. Microtek quality products provide ease of use with value for money.

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