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  Microtek Announces ArtixScan 120tf - the High Performance Multi Format Film Scanner For Imaging Prof
Rotterdam – Microtek, a pioneer in scanning technologies and a leader in graphic imaging solutions is pleased to introduce another innovative addition to its film scanner range, the ArtixScan 120tf. With the ArtixScan 120tf, both pre-press professionals and photographers alike will find it easy and fast to scan a variety of film sizes including 6 x 9 cm, 6 x 7cm, 6 x 6 cm, and 6 x 4.5 cm as well as 35mm mounted slides and 35mm filmstrips.

The ArtixScan 120tf is an advanced, multi format scanner combining dual FireWire and SCSI-2 interfaces with an excellent 4000 dpi resolution, 42-bit colour depth and a 4.2 Dmax to produce razor sharp images, accurate colour and superb shadows/highlights without compromise. These high quality features allow you to capture infinitely rich details for pre-press printing standards and enable viewing at A3/Tabloid size for large scale screening.
“ The ArtixScan 120tf is designed for imaging professionals that require a high resolution multiformat scanner”, stated Peter Stengel, European Sales and Marketing Director. “Customers will be impressed with this scanners high resolution, sharpening focus and colour management features at such a competitive price point.”

Features and Benefits:

Outstanding Image Quality
With its 10,000 element liner CCD, the ArtixScan 120tf reaches a resolution of up to 4000 pixels per inch, allowing professional users to work with small protions of an image for large scale enlargements at maximum sharpness and clarity without sacrificing any detail.

Supports 35mm Slides, Strips and 120 Film Format
The ArtixScan 120tf lets users scan 35mm filmstrips and slide formats and provides a fast and easy way to handle films via a 6 frame, filmstrip holder and a 4 frame 35mm slide holder. This film scanner can also scan 120 film, 6 x 9 cm, 6 x 7cm, 6 x 6 cm, and 6 x 4.5 cm with the included 120-film holder.

Dual interface FireWire and SCSI-2
The FireWire interface gives blazing fast data transfer speed. In less than 50 seconds, the ArtixScan 120tf delivers a completed scan of a 35mm slide in full 4000-dpi colour. The scanner is also equipped with a SCSI connection that is common with some older PC and Mac systems.

Multi Sampling
Multiple Sampling allows the ArtixScan AS 120tf to reduce random image noise which can be part of the normal scanning process and which adversely affects the quality of scanned images. By averaging each line by scanning it between 2 and 16 times, noise can be virtually eliminated.

Motion Correction Control
Motion Correction Control, patent pending, is a unique technology developed by Microtek to address the problems of scanner motor deviation that arise over the course of a scanners life. With all scanners, the stepping motor and other guiding mechanics are subject to deviations causing certain tolerances to build up. As these deviations and tolerances accumulate, the scanning module gets increasingly “off” in its position, which if left uncorrected impacts negatively on the subsequent scanned images. Motion Control allows the scanning module to move to a precise position on a well calibrated control table and compensate for any misalignments that may occur therefore producing more accurate and superior scans.

Valuable Software Package with Built-in Colour Management
The ArtixScan 120tf has full colour-management support provided for ICC profiled devices ensuring compatibility with third party colour input systems.
LaserSoft SilverFast Ai Pro 6 is also included, the ONLY professional scanning package that combines ease of use, quality and productivity. SilverFast Ai Pro 6 incorporates IT-8 calibration, scratch and dust removal, grain and noise elimination, adaptive colour restoration and NegaFix, a powerful scanning module that reduces complex negative scanning to three, simple steps.

In addition, the SilverFast Ai Pro 6 allows full use with Mac operating systems from Mac OS X v10.1.3 to v10.2.x.

About Microtek:
Microtek, one of the World’s largest manufacturers of Desktop scanners for PC and Macintosh platforms was founded in 1980 in Taiwan and has always offered high quality products combined with a ‘solution-out-of-the-box’. Microtek offers probably the widest range of flatbed and film scanners that address the needs of most end users. Microtek quality products provide ease of use with value for money.
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