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Microtek extends its FilmScan range with 2 new models - High Quality 35mm scanning at affordable Prices!

Rotterdam Microtek, a pioneer in scanning technologies and a leader in graphic imaging solutions announces the launch of two new additions to its popular FilmScan range. FilmScan 1800 and FilmScan 3600.

With its high 1800 dpi resolution, FilmScan 1800 can scan your 35mm images and print those images at up to 10" by 8". A maximum dynamic range of 3.4D captures subtle highlight and shadow details and ensures accurate colour reproduction. The easy to use loading system enables batch scanning of up to 40 exposures from a single 35mm roll, whilst the advanced Auto-focus system automatically delivers sharp, accurate scans every time. Getting started with the FilmScan 1800 is easy. Simply install the software, connect the scanner to your computer with the supplied USB cable and youre ready to scan.

FilmScan 3600 has all the ease of use benefits attributed to the FS1800, but offers more in terms of quality and speed. The extra quality comes from the high 3600 x 3600 dpi optical resolution giving a maximum dynamic range of 3.6D, whilst the extra speed comes from the FireWire connection as well as the USB interface. A FireWire card is included with this scanner, in case the end user does not have one. Both scanners are Macintosh and Windows compliant.

"Both models break new ground in the price/performance ratio for film scanners. The FS1800 because there is no other film scanner at this price point with the capability to scan roll film, and the FS3600 because of the increased performance level provided by the 3600 x 3600 dp optical resolution and the fantastically fast FireWire connection. Both models will sell extremely well in the coming months." Commented Peter Stengel, Sales Director.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Optical Resolutions

Whether using the FS1800 (true 1800 x 1800dpi) or the FS3600 (true 3600 x 3600dpi) you are assured of high quality scans that mean the digitalised image can then be printed at any size up to 8" x 10" giving great results time after time.

These high optical resolutions give a maximum dynamic range of at least 3.4D (FS1800) and up to 3.6D (FS3600) ensuring that subtle highlight and shadow details are captured to impress even the most demanding end user.

  • Flexibility and choice

Now you have the choice from one film scanner to scan either Roll film, 35mm slides or 35mm filmstrip. The auto-loading system enables batch-scanning of up to 40 exposure at one time keeping the operation of the scanner to a minimum. Both the FS1800 and the FS3600 offer you greater flexibility to help you meet your needs for the scanning of either positive or negative film.

  • Easy setup and operation via USB port faster operation with FireWire

The industry-standard USB interface and its true "plug and play" feature makes installation very easy for both models. USB is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP; Apple iMac, new G3 and G4 USB Macs.

FireWire, available on the FS3600 as well as USB, is the latest interface to raise the speed of operations, thus increasing productivity and making for an easier operation. A FireWire card is included with the FS3600 for those who do not already have one.

Both models are shipped with Adobe Photoshop Elements and the scanner driver.

About Microtek:

Microtek is a global leader in designing and manufacturing affordable desktop digital imaging products that help improve communication and efficiency. Known for its first-to-market scanning technology, Microtek continues to provide a wide range of desktop imaging solutions with its ScanMaker and ArtixScan lines to users ranging from the mass market, to high-end professional desktop publishers, printers and pre-press service providers. Founded in 1980, Microtek International, Inc. is headquartered in Science-based Industry Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan. The company has a strong global presence with major operations and distribution channels in 53 countries around the world. Information about Microtek can be found on the Web at

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